We could tell you Snowflex revolutionised synthetic snow sports, but the results say it for us.

Snowflex® is our world renowned ‘wonder’ product: an award-winning synthetic surface that’s transformed the snow sport experience by measurably reducing injuries and massively boosting skill development.  Properly installed and maintained, it’s the man-made surface that comes closest to closing the gap with real snow.


Rather than selling Snowflex® by the square metre, we tailor proposals for each project on a case-by-case basis, whether the requirement is for a fully designed all-encompassing snowsports centre catering for all from nervous novices to extreme experts, or a family orientated year-round snowtubing attraction, we have it covered.

The full Snowflex® system includes the shock pad layer and integrated mist lubrication system, however not all projects will require the full system, our team will advise on what is most suitable for your needs and budget.

Unbeatable slip and grip
We’ve really hit the sweet spot by using drawn monofilament fibres to create the best slip and grip. The result is rider speed and control, with an overall ‘feel’ similar to real snow.
Soft to fall on

Our built-in shockpad provide excellent impact protection, reducing the risk of injury and improving the fun factor. In fact, Snowflex® is actually softer than hard-pack snow. It makes this the perfect surface for everyone to develop their skills on, whether that’s nervous novices attempting their first turns or extreme experts perfecting their next trick. It’s this unique quality that has helped the UK’s top freestyle snowboarders and skiers develop their skills reach the Winter Olympic Games: 9 of them in 2014 and 11 in 2018.

Flexible, formable surface

Snowflex® conforms to any terrain design, no matter how extreme or nuanced it gets. It means slope design is limited only by other constraints like imagination, budget and available space. No holes helps to minimise risk too, almost eliminating hand injuries.


A combination of intelligent design, durable materials and fanatical quality control means Snowflex® is a long-lasting and highly predictable surface. In turn, that helps accelerate skills development and user satisfaction, leading to more repeat visits all year round.

The Snowflex system
Every part of the Snowflex system was designed and is manufactured in our UK factory, giving us complete control of everything that goes to our clients. Strict quality control procedures are in place at every level.
The Snowflex system
1. Top sliding layer
Made using sophisticated hi-tech polymers that are UV stable. The top layer features drawn monofilament bristles made of Polybutylene terephthalate, a sophisticated polymer known for UV stability, springiness and toughness, creating a surface which is low friction and extremely hard wearing.
2. Shock pad

Putting the ‘flex’ in Snowflex®, our unique 2” (50mm) shock pad allows for skis and snowboards to deflect the surface, providing superior grip and control for that unmistakable snowsports feeling. The shock pad makes the surface soft to fall on, significantly reducing user injuries and boosting confidence, progression and enjoyment.

3. Joint & anchor matrix

Snowsports slopes take a lot of impact from users and the weather, our fixing system is unique to us and provides stability and permanence. The trick is to create a stable fixed top surface without compromising the performance of the sublayers, especially the safety aspect provided by the shock pad layer. The joint matrix provides the solution to this while reducing thermal expansion, creating a consistent surface for all slope users to come.

4. Integrated BritonMist system

Our aim is to make snow sports as exciting as possible and give the customer the best possible experience. This means that it is essential to have consistent water lubrication across all gradients, using minimal water to maximum effect.

Carefully calculated and regulated pressure creates a very specific water droplet size small enough to rest on top of the bristles of the snowsports surface, lowering friction, therefore providing a better user experience as well as significantly prolonging the life of the surface and slope users’ equipment. We call that a win-win.

5. Sublayers

Meticulous groundworks and civil engineering are crucial for the long-term success of your slope. For more than 40 years we’ve been helping clients all over the world get the basics right, right from day one, and that includes preparing the sublayers for a Snowflex® installation.

The Snowflex® slope at Nœux Les Mines, near Calais, is probably the best in the world, with a huge kicker, half pipe and rails – this slope is the stuff of dreams
— Document Snowboard Magazine Nov 07
Softer to fall on than snow
— John Fleetham, former Managing Director of Sheffield Ski Village
It is amazing the variety of lessons you can do (on the nursery slope). We have seen more smiles coming off that nursery slope than we have ever seen before
— Sue Foulkes, instructor Rossendale Ski Centre