Kendal, UK

Kendal, UK

Kendal Ski Club was formed in 1987, when a group of 200 local enthusiasts each contributed £10 to kick-start a club and build a new ski slope and lodge on a hill below Kendal Castle.

In 1997, a successful lottery bid earned the club a significant grant, and the slope was totally rebuilt using the Snowflex® system, the idea being to completely redesign the terrain and remove any trace of previous dry slope materials. The slope was extended in 2004, and its success and popularity was reflected in a membership of 1,800 people by 2006. The club became a registered charity in 2020, bringing a new constitution and rules as well as seven Trustees to govern it.

The Trustees have always been visionary, expanding their facility and implementing an extensive maintenance programme. A highly professional approach, especially for an amateur organisation.

Kendal is a uniquely coloured Snowflex slope, in dark green instead of the usual snow like white, this is due to planning restrictions in the area as a result of its location within the Lake District National Park. Despite its short length at only 40m, the slope is host to a wide variety of terrain features to suit all abilities, including moguls, jumps and a mini-pipe. The slope regularly hosts slalom race training, as well as tubing and freestyle sessions, alumni include Olympic half-pipe skier Emma Lonsdale.

Skiable area: 80 metres long, 35 metres wide
Features: quarter-pipe, two kickers, waves, 3 waves of moguls
Access: two Briton Button tows and a rope tow
Users: skiers and snowboarders at all levels